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When you are making changes to a healthier lifestyle, or living the healthy life, the food you eat can only be as healthy as the food you buy.

Supermarkets and food stores are full of all level of choices and we are constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing to help persuade us to buy different items, which may or may not be good for our health.

If you would like to have the skills to help you choose which foods to buy,  then Bridget will accompany you to the supermarket and help with the proccess of choosing healthier shopping. You will learn which foods are healthy, which foods are unhealthy, how to read food labels, eating well on a budget and how to choose between the many, many options on offer.

If you would like improve your food knowledge to help optimise your nutritional status, Bridget will give advise of nutritional contents of different food items and show alternative choices where necessary.

If your schedule does not allow for supermarket shopping (or you just prefer online shopping), Bridget can help you with an online shop and assist with product identification and analysis. This can be done at your home or workplace, or in the MindBody Nutrition clinic.

Getting help to demystify some of the marketing ploys can support you in taking your health to another level.

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