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Fat Loss Programme

Weight loss and dieting, for many people, are a constant part of daily life, with battles and denials all along the way. It is so common for weight to be lost and then re-gained as soon as a diet or a regime stops. 

Here at MindBody Nutrition we take the approach that any programme is the start of a lifestyle change for a lifelong acheivement of your ideal weight and body image.

Also, this is a fat loss programme, as it is body fat that we want to lose and not muscle mass. By reducing body fat you will lose inches, acheive your ideal body shape and you will be looking great and feeling great

With the fat loss programme, you will not only lose weight and inches but you will boost your overall health and vitality for life, whilst eating plentifully with no calorie counting.

The programme is designed to span 3 months of contact with the clinic starting with a personal health assessment and dietary screening. This is followed up by 7 sessions where you will be provided with nutritional and dietary protocol, dietary education, exercise ideas and full support.  

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