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Are you overwhelmed by an overload of often conflicting information of what are good food choices for your child?

Then you are not alone. 

The feeding of babies and children (big and small) should be straightforward -  food goes in one end, they grow, and what isn't used comes out the other end some time later. The dietary needs of growing youngsters are simple enough yet have become obscured somewhat in our modern world of excess choice and food processing.

However, maybe you have a fussy/picky eater that makes daily meal times a nightmare. Perhaps you are confused or misled by marketing messages from food manufactures that leave you wondering what really is good or bad to feed to kids. Perhaps you have a child that has physical or mental ill health and they have different or special dietary needs. 

Here at MindBody Nutrition we have planty of answers to all questions regarding the dieatry needs of children. What their needs are for nutrition to help them grow and develop (in body and mind),  and to keep them fit and healthy.
We also have a lot of tips and tricks for dealing with fussy eaters and how to get good nutrition into them with a lot less fuss.

Meal ideas and nutritional plans can be developed that suit each individual child and that are easily incorporated into daily family life. Meal plans for the whole family are also available

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