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As a Qualified and Registered Nutritional Therapist, Bridget helps people to take responsibility for their own health. Nutrition is a basic human need. Nutrition is not just a science, but the basis of a fundamental life-skill to enhance the impact of foods on health and well-being for all people. Learn how you can transform your life by transforming your relationship with food.

The aim at MindBody Nutrition is to guide you to good health through Inspiration, Motivation and Support using a common-sense, non-judgemental approach. You (and your family) can enjoy a healthy, balanced life!

MindBody Nutrition can support your progress to an effective lifestyle change with a customised, carefully structured and personalised nutrition plan. Your plan promotes positive changes in eating habits and food choices, while achieving your nutritional goals in a healthy and realistic manner.

Nutritional challenges faced by athletes, sports enthusiasts and those leading a highly active life consistently benefit from informed and established nutritional therapy.

Some ways in which MindBody Nutrition can improve your life:

  • Understand how to make good food choices
  • Get relief from chronic or recurring medical conditions
  • Feel better and look great
  • Achieve optimum performance
MindBody Nutrition is part of the MindBody Wellness clinic offering Hypnosis (MindBody Hypnosis), Sports improvement (HypnoSport) and life coaching.

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